Litter "E"

Absolutely Free Te Salutant "Free" & Outback-Workaholic´s Armidale Jabiru "Jabiru"

What to say .... Because dreams should be become true I decided to mate Free once again :) and because life is unexpected I decided to do it totally non-planned this year.

As daddy I chose boy of my dreams - ♥ Jabiru ♥. If you are asking why the answer is really simple: Jabiru sired our litter C already which makes us really super-duper satisfied. Puppies from this previous litter are healthy great sporty dogs, have amazing natural very flexible movent and are really fast.

Thank you Andrea, that you agreed to use Jabiru in breeding still once again ♥

Puppies will be suitable for active homes and experienced owners. Because this litter wasn´t curently planned, I didn´t have possibility to create waiting list for it, so if you are interessted in this litter don´t hesitate to contact us per email or facebook now.



    About Free .....

Well, what so tell about Free :) She´s my challenging dream .... by work she is easy motivated and everytime ready to do her best, in Agility she shows a lot of drive, power and speed, but in the same moment she is also great thinker and never losts her brain. At home she is calm and lazy sleeper, which loves to cuddle and to be close to me. She is friendly with people and loves to play with dogs. I can take her everywhere without care and anywhere she is admired like super and calm dog ....


    Free´s heath and other informations

HD A, eyes free (2017), full dentition

MDR1 +/+ (without mutation) from parents

heart checked as clear (in 3, 5 and 6 years of age) - also mom´s heart is clear (checked in 7 years) and dad´s heart is clear (checked in 5 years)



    Free´s photos






    Free´s videos

more videos on Lenka´s YT channel




    some pictures of Free´s family

parents Chockie and Moreno

photos of Free´s full siblings:

photos of Free´s 50% siblings from our B litter:

photos of Free´s 75% siblings from our C litter, which are sired by Jabiru too):


    videos of Free´s family




    About Jabiru .....

His owner is writing about Jabiru:

Jabiru is very faithful, he would make everything for us. He is happy, if he can work, dosn't matter what kind of work. He's always concentrated at work and he never stops to work till we stop him. His passion is agility.

He likes to sleep very very close to us, making a lot of pressure. He doesn't like to run leash, but if a kid walks with him on leash, he walks like a "sheep". Sometimes he's a macho, but usually he goes armed out of the way.. With ladies, he's a gentleman, calm and not intrusive....even silly bitches like him.


    Jabiru´s health and other informations

HD B, eyes free, full dentition, heart checked as clear (in 8 years of age)

50cm, 16,5kg


    some Jabiru´s photos


    some Jabirus´s videos

  videos on facebook HERE and HERE

YouTube videos:



    some pictures and videos of Jabiru´s pups from previous litters

video on facebook HERE

YouTube videos:



    some videos of pups from our litter C (Jabiru & Free´s mom Chockie)

  videos on facebook HERE and HERE



    pup´s pedigree

Puppies will have full FCI pedigree. Want let you know here is imbreeding coeficient about 6% on dog RINGBARKA BORN T PERFORM, who gave in Europe and Australia (when he was born) many great healthy litters. So we believe his perfections will be multiplied in this litter :)