Litter "C"

Big Chocolate z Lodice "Chockie" & Outback-Workaholic´ Armidale Jabiru


    About Chockie .....

Chockie is really one dog from millions :o) She is fantastic, extra crazy and everytime motivated dog for sport and absolutely non-problematic and calm dog in normal life. She loves all people and doesn´t have any care about dogs, really ideal friend for everytime ....


    Chockie´s heath and other informations

HD B, eyes free, full dentition

MDR1 +/+ (without mutation), heart checked as clear (in 7 years of age)



    some Chockie´s photos


    Chockie and shows

Czech and Slovakia Junior Champion, Slovakia Champion, National Winner, BOB, CAC

all our successes you find HERE

    some Chockie´s videos

more videos on Karel´s YT channel



    some pictures and videos of Chockie´s pups from "A" litter



    some pictures and videos of Chockie´s pups from "B" litter




    About Jabiru .....

His owner is writing about Jabiru:

Jabiru is very faithful, he would make everything for us. He is happy, if he can work, dosn't matter what kind of work. He's always concentrated at work and he never stops to work till we stop him. His passion is agility.

He likes to sleep very very close to us, making a lot of pressure. He doesn't like to run leash, but if a kid walks with him on leash, he walks like a "sheep". Sometimes he's a macho, but usually he goes armed out of the way.. With ladies, he's a gentleman, calm and not intrusive....even silly bitches like him.


    Jabiru´s health and other informations

HD B, eyes free, full dentition, heart checked as clear (in 8 years of age)

50cm, 16,5kg


    some Jabiru´s photos


    some Jabirus´s videos

  videos on facebook HERE and HERE

YouTube videos:



    some pictures and videos of Jabiru´s pups from previous litters

Jabiru is sired 30 pups at the moment, some of them are tested on HD and their results are A or B.

Here you can see some of them on photos and videos.




    pup´s pedigree

puppies will have full FCI pedigree