Litter "B"

Big Chocolate z Lodice "Chockie" & Evallens Chocolate Umberto

pups were born 3. 10. 2014

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    About Chockie .....

Chockie is really one dog from millions :o) She is fantastic, extra crazy and everytime motivated dog for sport and absolutely non-problematic and calm dog in normal life. She loves all people and doesn´t have any care about dogs, really ideal friend for everytime ....


    Chockie´s heath and other informations

HD B, eyes free, full dentition


    some Chockie´s photos


    Chockie and shows

Czech and Slovakia Junior Champion, Slovakia Champion, National Winner, BOB, CAC

all our successes you find HERE

    some Chockie´s videos



    some pictures and videos of Chockie´s pups from last litter



    About Kinky .....

We wanted for Chockie really special male, our priorities are hight temperament, extra drive, balanced character, friendly behavior and of course light and athletic body constitution.

Here some words about Kinky from his owner ...

Kinky is a very strong and dominant male, but he in a group of dogs never seeks conflict,
but if someone tries to subdue then have trouble ...!!!
A house is a very quiet dog, he knows who works and plays just out of the house
and therefore never asks the house to work or play.
Ah! He watches television ...!!! :-)
Defends its territory only if I'm not there, so if I'm home only to bark and to report if there is something wrong!
He is really crazy for agility! Work was very easy because right now he has shown great fun to do!
Kinky is a dog very lively and exuberant, festive with everyone! With children is good, has never shown aggression, but with its exuberance I try to control it to avoid too many parties face and scare the children ... :-)
He also loves working with the sheep ... has a strong instinct and I think in future we will prepare for this kind of work!
Unfortunately, having little time and I do not Kinky great walks, though he is very attached to me and even though the free port never strays more than necessary!
Unfortunately he does not like cats, although until the age of 1 year he lived at home with a cat ... now I have another but I do not live at home with me. Sometimes she sleeps in the house and he ignores her until she tries to climb on my bed or go to my room, which unfortunately is "his" territory, and hunting him away! But until now there has never been big problems!
In the car he is mainly in the cage, but even if I keep it free is quiet and calm,
he does not get angry if someone is coming, unless I'm not there!
I love Kinky, a dog and he is very balanced and sociable!
I think dogs like him do not exist ...


    Kinky´s heath and other informations

HD A, ED 0

eyes free, full dentition


    some Kinky´s photos



    Kinky and shows

World Dog Show winner 2009, Italian Show Champion, International Champion of Exposition, Italian Champion Reproductores


    some Kinky´s videos



    pup´s pedigree

puppies will have full FCI pedigree